Salvage One & Chef Battle Royale

When it comes to cool and unique event spaces, Salvage One tops my list. If you haven’t heard of this place, it’s a 60,000 square foot store on four floors that is filled with tons of architectural elements that are unique and one of a kind. Don’t believe me? Check out this ceramic sculpture of a Thwomp from Super Mario Brothers that we happened to come across there for a couple hundred dollars. (Don’t worry, there is also every kind of door knob, lighting fixture, and chair you can imagine there as well.)


Ceramic statue of a Thwomp from Super Mario Brothers at Salvage One

Not only can you buy custom and unique furniture here, but you can also rent out the space for events. I was lucky enough to attend WBEZ‘s Chef Battle Royale back in October, which not only takes place in one of the coolest spaces in Chicago, but is also one of the best foodie and budget friendly events I have attended. For $15 a person (or $10 if you are a student) you get to taste foods from five different chefs representing five different ethnicities from five different neighborhoods. At the end of the night you get to vote and help choose which neighborhood and food is the best. If that still doesn’t sway you to take part in this event next year, there is also unlimited free beer from Goose Island. Keep your eye out for this popular budget friendly event next time it rolls around, and be sure not to miss it!

Whether you attend an event like Chef Battle Royale or are lucky enough to be invited to a wedding at Salavage One, be sure to head over to West Town and check this space out.

Dress Code: This varies depending on the event, but most people at Chef Battle Royale were dressed in Business Casual attire. Most women wore dresses and boots like I did below.


Dress: Everly, last year (Mint Julep); Belt: The Red Dress Boutique; Boots: Asma by Shoedazzle, no longer available (similiar without the wedge); Watch: Michael Kors; Bracelet: Forever 21 (store only); Earrings: Vintage; Necklace: Sample Sale in NYC; Handbag: Guess, old; Gray Tights: Old Navy, old


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