Many things come to mind when people talk about Chicago: delicious food, beautiful architecture, friendly people, the list could go on and on. What’s the one thing that usually isn’t mentioned about Chicago? Fashion. That’s ok, because we have style! As Yves Saint Laurent so elegantly stated, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” No, I am not just talking about Chicago style hot dogs and pizza, but everything else as well. Style has many definitions, but in simple terms, it’s a way of expression. In hopes to show that Chicago style doesn’t just mean hot dogs and pizza, I’ll be posting reviews of various events, bars, and restaurants in Chicago, as well as outfit options from my own closet to wear to these places. Each post will be tagged so you can easily use my blog as a guide for different occasions and/or search for specific wardrobe pieces.

Let me also tell you that I am not a professional writer or blogger. I don’t get paid to write any of these posts. Everything I write about is from my personal experiences and small very packed Chicago closet. In fact, I have a full time job in the Architecture/Construction/Engineering industry. What makes me an expert on Chicago food and fashion then? Nothing, but I do have a strong passion for it! Call me a “foodie”, call me a “fashionista”, call me whatever you want, but deep down I’m an average Chicagoan that you can hopefully relate to. Whether you’ve lived in this city your entire life or you’re just visiting, hopefully you will find this blog useful since it answers the two simplest questions everyone asks at some point: “Where should I go?” and “What should I wear?” Heck, even if you don’t live here, you may visit someday, or at the very least, maybe I can inspire your wardrobe. Your closet will thank you.

Check back often, and please don’t be shy. I would love to hear from you! Feel free to comment on my blog posts or e-mail me directly at chicitycool@gmail.com.


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